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Our kennels are 4ft X16ft long. Every dog has his/her own run. Each run is divided into indoor/outdoor sections. The indoor portion is 4ft X 6ft, while the outdoor portion is 4ft X12ft long providing each dog with their own spacious run. The indoor portion is heated and cooled for baby's comfort. Our smaller breed boarders have their own separate kennel to help with any discomfort from our larger breed boarders.


Having many years experience in various types of training, we currently offer basic obedience training. This consist of a very basic fundamental training to help you shape your dog into the well mannered well behaved  pet he or she has the potential to be. All basic commands are covered and addressed such as; coming when called, healing on leash, sitting, laying down, and to stay in place. We also offer one on one consultation by appointment only. For any questions or concerns regarding our training, please call the office during business hours and we will find the training style to best suit your needs.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are always prepared for any pets' needs and ensure that your pet will receive the best care and love. We strive to make every animals stay with us as pleasurable as possible. Our staff is devoted to the best possible care for your pet as we do our best to create a bond with our customers. 

Shots Required

To ensure the safety and health of your babies, we require shots to be updated yearly. Updated shot records are to be submitted to Swan Kennels so that we can update your file and make any reservation as quick and smooth as possible.

 Shots required by Swan Kennels for our K9 friends are: kennel cough, rabies (yearly or three year shots accepted), parvo, and lepto. 

For our feline friends, Swan Kennels requires: Upper respiratory/Feline distemper, and Negative Feline Leukemia vaccine.

All shots must be updated and submitted before any reservations can be made/confirmed.

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